'I would just like to say that was the best reading I have ever had, you were so spot on with the messages...' D.A. UK.


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Featured in the double page article of the August 2017 edition of Chat It's Fate magazine.

'Hi Kerin, Very pleased with my reading today Kerin! You are a genuine gentleman psychic and you brought so many validations to me that were mind blowing.  You picked up my personality very well - and the other person. So many things nobody could know! So pleased to have had your help. Will be in touch with you in the future. With love MA xx.'


'Many thanks, Kerin! You are awesome!' Layla. USA.

'Hello Kerin, I hope you are doing well !! I have so much to tell you and yes everything you said at our last reading was beyond 100% true. You are so gifted. Kerin, I was hoping to get a[nother] reading with you. Things have taken a major turn recently with my twin very much and I was so hoping you could help me understand what is happening. You are always so clear and accurate and I could really use a bit of help and understanding at the moment. Do you have any time available for a reading, I would appreciate it so very much. Thank you always. L' America.'

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'Kerin got my situation spot on ….. and then some. His accuracy is outstanding, all delivered with an empathic and understanding manner. This is the second reading I have had with Kerin and it certainly will not be the last. Thank you Kerin. LS'

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'I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading. That is the most accurate reading I have ever had! It has been really helpful to get clear on a few things! Thank you so much.' B.L. England.

'Hi Kerin, It was a pleasure to talk to you again today. Once again, I just wanted to thank you for the readings. Please, know they have given me the much needed clarity I had been seeking. I have found it extremely reassuring to know one’s worries and concerns, even if unspoken, are heard by Spirit, and even more to have had them addressed and answered directly in a very uplifting way. The accuracy of the information coming through in your readings is most impressive. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service! Best, M.'UK.

The Love Of Soul Mates

There is a lot that's been written which has unnecessarily idealised twin flame unions, at the expense of soul mate relationships. It seems sometimes these days that if you're not in a twin flame relationship, then you're missing the most important thing in your life and you must therefore seek to 'find your twin flame', at all costs. This isn't true. Not only is this kind of thing misleading, but it's also potentially hurtful. After all, if a person falls for the line which says 'you'll only be truly happy if you find your twin flame', while listing the various 'signs' of a twin flame relationship... none of which apply to the reader's relationship, then it could have the effect of causing an easily led person to conclude that there is 'something wrong' with a relationship that is otherwise, for all intents and purposes, a very good relationship. Or, such myths could cause a single person to overlook a potentially happy relationship with someone, due to the lack of twin flame signs, despite the abundance of evidence that the person concerned is loving, trustworthy and great company.


One of the concepts that surrounds the twin flame relationship, which can potentially leave someone who has strong romantic feelings for another in a vulnerable place (not least with regard to wishful thinking, as a result of having succumbed to the myth that a twin flame relationship is the only kind of relationship for all people on earth that will ultimately fulfil them) is the fact that they might feel that they will 'never be complete' unless they can have a relationship with 'their twin flame', because twin flames are believed to be two complementary elements of One Soul. However, what such beliefs fail to take account of is the fact that not all of the writers on the subject of twin flames are in agreement that everyone has, or even needs a twin flame counterpart. If we follow this line of thought a bit further it indicates that not everyone is missing a complementary aspect of their soul, but is rather complete in themselves, not having, as many writers suggest, split at a soul level, as seems to be the case with twin flames, in order for them to incarnate in complementary bodies for a specific purpose.  

Over Generalisation

Over generalisation is problematic. It occurs often in many areas of day-to-day life. For example, prejudice is an example of over generalisation. A person (for whatever reason) concludes that all white people are racist bigots and then applies this inaccurate over generalisation to all white people, treating them badly as a result. We need therefore to be wary of the pitfalls of over generalisation. But how might this problem apply in the field of romance, particularly with regard to twin flames and soul mates? Well, if a person over generalises to believe the only way they will 'ever find true love' is by meeting a 'twin flame', they're actually limiting the possibilities of finding the love they seek. They might erroneously conclude that all people are two halves of one soul, desperately seeking the other half out, in order to experience true love, when in actual fact, many, if not most souls could reasonably be complete souls, not having split in two before birth, being therefore ready to find love with a complementary soul mate. (And even if all souls are ultimately twin souls, many writers suggest that it is not always a person's destiny to meet their twin soul physically in this life, which, if this is the case, could also mean that a person could deny themselves love, as they search in futility to find a twin soul who is not incarnate at this time in history, due to having erroneously concluded from the 'How to find your twin soul', kind of articles that their twin 'must be around somewhere', waiting for them.)

True Love

No one can categorically say whether or not everyone has a twin soul. I was led to understand that probably not everyone does (or needs to). Others I've since learned are of the same opinion, while others still hold another point of view. However, regardless of whether everyone has a twin soul, or not, we all can have loving relationships with our soul mates. Soul mate love can be deep and fulfilling and should not be 'measured' as better or worse than a twin flame union. They should both be respected for what they are. After all, as I stated elsewhere, few people spend their lives wishing they had been born as one half of a pair of identical twins. Most feel complete as distinct unique individuals. In contrast, perhaps, most identical twins feel complete as a result of being twins. One situation is not better than the other, they are both good - and both are intrinsically different. As they say in France, perhaps we ought to conclude with regard to the subject of soul mates and twin flames 'vive la difference'! Rather than setting one kind of love against another, why not honour and respect them both?  

Don't Limit Yourself

Don't limit yourself therefore by falling for the myth which suggests that you have to 'find your twin flame in order to find true love'. If you have a twin flame you will be destined to come together, when the time is right. Nothing will be able to impede the event.  If you're destined to meet a soul mate, then trust in the benevolent Spirit Realm to orchestrate events to bring this relationship about too. But whatever you do, don't narrow your options by rejecting the possibility of a loving relationship with another genuine individual because you've been led to believe that everyone must find their twin soul.


Kerin Webb: Clairvoyant psychic readings, based in Bransgore (near Bournemouth), UK, providing readings to callers all around the world.

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Readings provided by phone, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp to callers around the world. £40.00 for an hour.

'Hi Kerin... It was fantastic talking with you and you have no idea how much what you said helped me. Kathy'. USA.

'Hi Kerin, You may not remember me but I came to you for a reading in late February and I asked what someone I had recently been involved with thought of the letter I had delivered to him a couple of weeks before. You were very sincere and said he had felt guilty about the way he had led me on. You also described someone else I had had an affection for and your description of him was extremely accurate. You also told me that one of these men were thinking about me and that I may well hear from one of them shortly. I saw the man you described so well about a week ago and he was wearing the casual cords that you described in your vision of him... I just wanted to let you know how what you said in the reading has helped me in going forward and has given me strength... I just thought it would be nice to confirm some of your reading to you.' M. UK.

'Thank you for the call Kerin... it was incredibly insightful, more than I could have imagined... I don't know how you do it... but it was like you'd looked inside my mind! ...I wanted to say a huge thank you and tell you how amazing you are! Many thanks, Lizzie.' UK.

'Hi Kerin, I am still wowed by the whole experience... even now, 2 days on the reading keeps coming back to me... Anyway, thank you and the spirits for a surreal evening. Can't wait for the next one. Kind regards, Vanda.' United Arab Emirates.

'Hi Kerin, I wanted to thank you for the reading... everything was so accurate! I'm certain I will be seeing you again! Kim'. England.

'Good Morning Kerin! I just want to thank you for yesterday´s reading. It was very enlightening and you are truly gifted... Once again thank you very much. All the best.' LD. England.

'Hi Kerin, I just wanted to say thank you for my reading on Saturday. I came away feeling uplifted and comforted. Can't wait to see where I end up in the next 6 months and can come back for more help from Spirit! Thanks again!' Hannah, England.

'Hi Kerin, I just want to thank you for today's reading. It was really impressive. All the info you gave me was accurate. I don't know what to say?! I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future. Muito obriganda (thank you). You are an amazing reader. I wish you all the best. With regards, N.C.'

Hi there, Kerin— I want to sincerely thank you for the exceptional information you provided me with during two readings over the past week. I got SO much amazing information during the first reading, both in the form of major confirmations and (seemingly) minor details regarding recent everyday events in my life. I appreciate the fact that you want as little information as possible going into a reading, opting to rely on Spirit; that is as it should be, in my opinion. ☺ While the information from the first reading was quite astounding, there were some points I wanted Spirit to further-elaborate on. As a result, I scheduled an additional reading yesterday, 3/13/17. Kerin, I am just so deeply touched by the information Spirit provided me through you during both readings – I treasure every word. To have the love of my life immediately step forward and give you details about our soul contract was breathtakingly wonderful. I have been aware of the contract/agreement for a few years, but I believe Spirit led me to you at this time because I am now ready to embrace my role in fulfilling our contract. The instructions he gave you to share with me are helping me more than you can imagine. As if that were not enough, your gift enabled you to provide me with details about recent everyday events in my life, given to reassure me I am never alone. As I have confirmed, this is something I have struggled with: despite being able to communicate with my love on my own, I really needed to hear from someone completely unfamiliar with me/us that he IS with me and continues to lead and guide me. To briefly illustrate: Only someone who is with me at all times would have known I had lunch with a friend last week who is deaf in one ear, that I had just been dunking a biscuit/cookie in my coffee (which I never do…but did last weekend), that I had just heard a Jackson 5 song on the radio (on a station I never listen to – it was on when I got in my car), etc. To some, those would seem like silly, insignificant things – but to me, they are tremendous confirmation: I AM NOT ALONE – and feelings are not fact (smile). Thank you for that. I could go on and on, but this is overly-long as it is. Despite the length, I do not feel my words have adequately relayed how deeply thankful I am to you, to Spirit, and to the gift which you so generously, thoughtfully, and accurately share with others. My life is richer because I “just happened” to find you online - no coincidences. As always, I wish you ALL the very best, Nancy (Atlanta, GA, USA)

'Hello Kerin, Thanks for an excellent reading. The evidence was outstanding and you renewed my faith in the spirit world. Thanks again, Lesley.'

'Thank you so much for my reading. You left me speechless.You told me things about myself that nobody else but I know about. I honestly recommend you to anybody... thank you.' MH. England.

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