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'Hi Kerin, Very pleased with my reading today Kerin! You are a genuine gentleman psychic and you brought so many validations to me that were mind blowing.  You picked up my personality very well - and the other person. So many things nobody could know! So pleased to have had your help. Will be in touch with you in the future. With love MA xx.'


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Triple Flames - The Triune Self

The terms Twin Flame and Twin Soul have become quite widely used these days when talking about ‘matters of the heart’, often incorrectly. Genuine Twin Flames are quite rare and many people who think they’re Twin Flames probably aren’t. If a true soul level connection exists between two people it’s more likely to be of a soul mate variety, than a true Twin Soul union. True Twin Flames have evidence presented to them by Spirit that transcends any soul-mate-level-connection signs that may occur between two soul mates, including, for example mind-blowing synchronicities; being guided to unexpected meetings in unlikely locations, as if a magnetic energy drew the two twins to these places, on these days and at these times against ‘all the odds’ of this otherwise happening; incredibly detailed telepathic communication and astral realm meetings in which shared experiences occur that when cross referenced rationally by the twins match in fine detail; plus shared detailed past life memories… even unplanned spontaneous astral sexual union, experienced by both twin souls at the same time. Those who define themselves as Twin Souls who lack these kind of experiences are unlikely to be true twins, they’re more likely to be soul mates, or self-deluding.

Rarer still are Triple Flames. On earth identical twin births occur in a ratio of about 1 in 333 births, whilst identical triplets occur only in about 1 in 200,000,000 (1 in two hundred million), so too (‘as below, so above’) Triple Flames then are infinitely rarer still than Twin Flames. Comparatively little information exists on the subject of soul triplets, when measured against the plethora of articles and videos that are available dealing with the subject of Twin Flames.

I’m confident now that I’m experiencing a Triple Flame phenomenon. Let me explain...

My Twin Flame (who as a publicly self-identified Twin Flame used to provide Twin Flame psychic readings with me from this website and who also co-wrote articles with me on the subject of Twin Souls for this website too) responded in 2016 in stereotypical Runner behaviour by leaving me suddenly, totally unexpectedly, one morning (seemingly ignoring all of the miracles that Spirit had presented to us in the process regarding our special soul connection). Wanting guidance, but being too close to the situation to objectively read events myself I had several readings with some gifted psychics. These psychics accurately tuned into my twin, detailing her current behaviour, along with highlighting our special soul connection with ultra-fine clarity, as evidence of Spirit's hand in the process of our union. Through these psychics Spirit told me she was in denial. She was attempting to convince herself that the miraculous events that had led us together and the obvious hand of Spirit clearly working in our lives didn't exist. I could tell that for a while she'd blocked me on Facebook, because I could no longer see posts she'd shared with me in my own timeline, but then she unblocked me and began communicating with me briefly during 2017 (as predicted months before, by Spirit, in a reading), starting on Valentine’s day, when she messaged me to tell me that she’d ‘moved on’ and was in a new relationship (you can imagine how painful it was for me to receive that message at about 10PM on that evening, of all days). She also unsuccessfully tried to show me photos of herself with her new boyfriend via her Facebook page, but was unable to make them public. (For the record: I never visit her Facebook page nor do I "ghost" her by seeking information about her online, as an act of kindness to myself). Unbeknown to her though, as mentioned above, one of the psychics I'd spoken with - 5 months beforehand - had told me she would contact me specifically on Valentine's day, from which point she would communicate with me again for a period of time, so I wasn't entirely surprised to hear from her 'out of the blue' like this. This is how precise the messages from Spirit to me about our situation have been. When I use the term 'ultra-fine clarity' this is an accurate description of the specificity provided to me by Spirit about her, us... and some people around her who have involved themselves, with not the best motives.

After she left me, whilst trying unsuccessfully to move on with my life and ‘forget her’, in a self-preservation attempt to free myself from the overwhelming pain that haunted every moment of my life I too began dating. I didn’t seek the dates out. On every occasion women contacted me and conversations began, leading to us meeting. In each instance as we became familiar with each other, with the intention of being transparent and honest, I told them all about the devastating break-up I’d gone through, in order to help them understand ‘where I was at’ in my mind and in my heart. This seemed to have the effect (I sense, in retrospect) of generating a sense of urgency in the women I dated. The first woman quickly told me she loved me. I explained in reply that I needed time to begin to open up, before I could respond in kind, because I was still recovering from my breakup. After a while I reasoned that to avoid hurting her feelings I could honestly tell her I loved her, since we can love many people in different ways (for instance we can have love of a parent, sibling, child, friend), though I never used the term 'in love', because that wouldn't have been accurate. I wasn't in love. I liked her a lot. Very much. Dearly. I still do. But I was only 'in love' with my twin. She gave me a door key and soon afterwards made it plain that she wanted me to move in with her all week, rather than visit on some days (I’d sold my house when my twin and I separated and hadn’t yet located a suitable home of my own). She said that she wanted to spend her life with me and told me 'I want your soul'. At this point she asked me about my twin again. In reply I explained that my twin and I got on very well together, being very close, that we were with each other practically 24 hours per day and that we even worked together as psychics. I also gently declined to stay for the week (I was still having trouble reconciling being with her and missing my twin). In response she became very quiet - and the next day, 'for no reason' (though I think I can guess why) she was rude to my mother on Facebook, in relation to a friendly comment that my mum had posted to me, which had no relationship to my girlfriend and therefore on which she had no need to respond. I politely spoke with her about what she'd said, for which she admitted she had acted rudely and apologised. Due to her sudden constant quietness I left earlier than planned and she in turn quickly ended the relationship. It all happened very quickly, the trigger seemed to be her asking me to spend the week with her, whilst enquiring about my twin. The relationship had lasted 2 months. Another woman about 9 months later did practically the same, giving me a door key very quickly, but in her case, not only did she want me to move in with her, but marry her too. When I said I couldn’t make that kind of commitment at that early stage, she too ended the relationship, telling me she was angry that I wouldn’t agree to marry her. This relationship lasted about 7 weeks. Remember, I had been totally upfront with both of these woman about my situation, I even told the second woman in advance about my twin flame situation, detailing many of the miracles my twin and I had experienced, in a pub one evening. She cried, and said 'I can't compete with that'. She added: 'I bet she hasn't told her boyfriend all of this'. I agreed, saying in reply: 'That's up to her...'. We left the pub and I drove her home, at her request. She explained that she needed time to think about the situation. I understood. I wanted to be totally open with her, knowing that it might mean the end of the relationship, but needing to be completely honest about my circumstances. She contacted me the next day though, to say she wanted to continue to see me... which she did for a few more weeks until she asked to marry me three times in four days. Between these relationships I had a long-distance relationship with a women living near London, who contacted me as a result of reading a magazine article about my angelic experiences. We spoke by phone and Skype regularly and met on a couple of occasions, when I drove to her hometown. She asked to spend the weekend with me in Bournemouth in about September / October 2017. I declined her offer, due to a psychic message presented to me by another psychic who sensed my twin would contact me at about this time (she did, indirectly, through someone else). I didn’t want to ‘cross a threshold’ and become intimate with this woman (as it seemed clear she wanted to be) if there was then the potential that my twin was going to communicate with me, since I knew my soul connection with my twin was far greater than any that could exist with me and this woman. It wouldn’t be fair to her. As a result of me declining to spend the weekend with her she said in reply ‘It’s obviously not meant to be!’ and abruptly ended the relationship. (Sadly, the indirect message I received from my twin didn’t amount to a reunion.) Due to my openness all three of these women indicated in various ways that they had concerns about my ongoing sense of connection with my twin. It was a realistic concern. I cared very much for all three of them, but the connection with my twin was of a magnitude that could not be matched in these circumstances. In December 2017 another woman contacted me, inviting me on date. It was clear to me that she had recently experienced a break-up, due to some of her social media posts, one of which included a statement that said something like: ‘You will only ever love three people in your life’. She added a comment to her post stating that she had loved two. I replied by telling her I’d only ever been in love with one (as I stated above, being in love with someone is, to me, quite different from simply loving someone, we can love many people, but being ‘in love’ is a vastly different sensation and experience). Anyway, my comment it seems triggered a reaction in her and she cancelled the date, meaning we never even met.

At this point, heart-broken and feeling hopeless I said to Spirit, out loud ‘I give up!’. I’d had enough. I couldn’t live without my twin peacefully and I couldn’t live with anyone else either, because of the magnitude of love I held for my twin. As a result I decided I might either have to give up trying to have a relationship with anyone, resigning myself, it seemed, to a lifetime of agony, missing my twin terribly, or… I could reluctantly have ‘one last attempt’ at sharing love with someone, by asking Spirit, very specifically: ‘Please help me to meet the next nearest person in the world to my twin [on a soul level] that I can have a successful relationship with, to love and be loved by, so that I can ‘wish my twin well’ and move on in my life happily with someone else, if she isn’t returning’. Any relationship I entered would clearly need to be of a similar intensity to my twin experience and I’d come to understand, it would need to have the same kind of spiritual component that I’d experienced with my twin too, or it just wouldn’t work. Without a deep soul connection it seemed I was doomed to forever yearning for my twin, with a heart broken beyond repair into a ‘million pieces’. No matter how nice, or attractive other women were, I really needed the kind of shared soul bond that I’d experienced with my twin. I had come to realise that I couldn’t live with someone else without it. As I voiced my prayer I felt like I might have been almost asking for the ‘impossible’ of Spirit, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my remarkable life though, where Spirit is concerned, it's that the seemingly impossible can indeed become possible. And Spirit did indeed hear my prayer… as events quickly demonstrated.

Within days of asking Spirit to help me make a soul connection a Facebook contact in another country whom I’d never met in person became involved in a short conversation with me relating to a post that I’d shared about Oprah Winfrey, of all people. We soon ‘hit it off’ in a big way. We spoke for hours at a time, every day, until 2AM, 3AM, 4AM, 5AM and sometimes even to 6AM GMT, due to the time difference between our countries (I began resting in the early evening after work, to catch up on sleep before she would call later in the day). We messaged each other constantly and we couldn’t get enough of each other. The experience for me was very, very similar to when my twin and I first connected. It was uncanny. It was clear this wasn’t just a ’normal’ relationship, it was a soul connection of some kind. At first I assumed it was a soul mate connection, since I assumed that I could only have the one ‘split soul’ connection (one soul inhabiting more than one body), in my twin. However, Spirit suddenly began to impress upon me the concept of multiple split souls, like "Triple Flames". At first I recoiled from this message, I thought I was making it up, out of emotional desperation, seeking a way out of the cycle of the ebb and flow of constant pain that I felt over the loss of my twin (which had traumatised me) through self-delusion. Her abrupt, blunt departure was the single most devastating event of my life. I doubted then that what Spirit had begun to tell me about Triple Flames could really be real. I asked Spirit ‘Surely lightning can’t strike twice?’ in my life, uniting me with another split soul connection, in the form of a Triple Flame. So in answer to my doubts Spirit began to present spectacular images of Triple Flames to me in various ways. For example, my Triple Flame (for ease I’ll refer to my first split soul contact as my Twin Flame and my second as my Triple Flame) is interested in Enneagram personality testing and as a result we had a conversation about the meaning of the word ‘intuition’, from both an Enneagram perspective and a broader psychic perspective, which extends beyond the limited psychological concept of intuition. Due to this distinction I searched Google for an article on psychic intuition to share with my Triple Flame and quickly one showed up which looked interesting, that had this image of triple flames at the top of the page:

I was not looking for images of triple flames. My mind was on the subject of intuition, but I had begun asking Spirit for additional evidence that I was indeed a Triple Flame. (Spirit has presented further amazing synchronistic triple flame image references like this to me, too, in remarkable ways, as if to underscore the message.) What’s more, my Triple Flame indicated to me on a few occasions that she felt we’d shared one or more past lives with each other and that we had a very deep connection, that we were ‘One’. That our souls are connected, merged. I agreed. It definitely felt like it to me too.

My Triple Flame, like my Twin Flame, seemed amazingly telepathically tuned into me. Twice she contacted me out of the blue to ask how I was, correctly sensing that I’d encountered some challenges during the day on both days that had left me feeling a bit deflated.

One day I did a relationship reading for a man in Sweden, during which we were led to talk about Michelangelo's 'Finger of God' painting. Later that day my Triple Flame phoned me and with no knowledge of the reading with the Swedish guy, she used the expression 'Finger of God' about 10 times whilst talking with me, as if at a subtle unconscious level of perception she'd tuned into this unusual aspect of the conversation that had occurred in the reading, just a few hours before.

What's even more remarkable is that my Twin Flame chose practically the same image for us to use to promote our shared work on the Internet, providing joint psychic/mediumship readings, as shown on the right (this phenomenon is in fact something that occurs regularly between my Twin Flame and my Triple Flame, as further examples below demonstrate).

Then we found that synchronicities began to stack up around us. For instance, one day we talked about Voodoo in Haiti. In response she mentioned the old movie called the Serpent And The Rainbow. One evening (I think it was probably the very next day) I was sitting down to watch TV and lo and behold this movie was screening. (I took photos to show her, here's one of them.)

Soon afterwards we had a wide ranging conversation, during which my Triple Flame mentioned the character Sybil, who had multiple personality disorder. The next evening I watched a movie on Amazon, about 'split aparts' (split incarnations), called the Butcher's Wife, starring Demi Moore, in which she plays the part of a clairvoyant who finds her 'split apart' true love. I was stunned when all of a sudden... out of the blue, in the movie one of the characters mentions Sybil... and multiple personality disorder! What are the odds on that!? A movie about a clairvoyant, split incarnations and Sybil, all occurring within hours of our conversation.


On another occasion I'd been updating my website at www.kerin-webb.co.uk to show a link to a new image of Elizabeth Taylor in the role of Cleopatra on the homepage. My Triple Flame phoned me within about 5-10 minutes of me doing so and quickly mentioned Cleopatra, as she spoke with me about astrology.

One evening when looking for something to watch on TV again I chanced upon the old 1956 movie called Forbidden Planet, starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielson and 'Robby The Robot', which I enjoyed watching in the past and decided to view again. As the credits of the movie started to roll, my Triple Flame's unusual name showed up, with a variant spelling, using 'e' instead of 'i', but phonologically pronounced in exactly the same way. I was quite impressed with this little synchronicity, but this event proved to be just the start of a bigger parallel.


This sci-fi movie is set on a distant planet, once inhabited by a race called the 'Krall' who invented a machine that harnessed the power of the unconscious mind. The term used repeatedly to describe the unconscious mind in the film is the old fashioned word 'id'. Within half hour of the movie ending, my Triple Flame phoned me... and began to talk to me extensively about the id! I never mentioned the movie, or anything about it to her and we weren't in the habit of having conversations about the id, beforehand (I use the term 'unconscious mind' to identify to such aspects of the human mind). The term id is archaic. Yet she was led to refer to the id extensively in our conversation, right after I'd finished watching this film which was based around the subject of the id. It was as if, at an unconscious level (the level of the id) she herself telepathically shared my recent thoughts about the id, as I was watching the film.

Likewise, old love songs that we sent to each other began showing up unexpectedly on the radio and in TV programmes, rapidly, soon after we shared them together. For example, my Triple Flame sent me two very special songs on YouTube towards the end of a conversation one evening. The very next day I took a Valentine's Day card I'd purchased for her to a local post office for airmail posting. Whilst in the queue one of the songs appeared on the post office radio, the other played on the journey to and from the post office (these are very old songs, not currently charting). I thought it was particularly significant that they should play as I was sending her a Valentine's card. One day, when we spoke until about 4AM in the morning at about 3.30AM I sent her the song 'This Guy's In Love With You' by Herb Alpert through Facebook Messenger. When I turned on Radio 2 the very next morning they were playing the very same song, so I sent it to her again!

One morning I sent my Triple Flame, via Facebook Messenger, the song Close To You, by Harry Connick Jr (originally recorded by the Carpenters, I chose this version because I wanted the lyrics to reflect a man singing to a woman). Within about 3 minutes, she phoned me from her country to say ‘I want to be CLOSE TO YOU’. She phoned at about 5AM her time and had not yet seen the video I’d sent through Messenger because she hadn’t logged in!!! This was a stunning telepathic instantaneous connection!!! It was as if she’d sensed the song I’d just sent to her and called to acknowledge the psychic perception she’d moments before experienced. When I told her that we had just encountered yet another incredible telepathic synchronicity we were both astounded.

Then there are the astounding synchronicities that often occur between my Twin Flame and my Triple Flame's expressions of love towards me. For example, my Twin Flame regularly called me Sunshine, as a term of endearment. Remarkably, my Triple Flame unexpectedly began calling me Sunshine too! When I used to say to my twin ‘I love you!’, she would often reply ‘I love you more!’. Incredibly my Triple Flame does exactly the same! (She also did something similar just minutes ago. I messaged her to say ‘I adore you’, to which she replied ‘I adore you more’.) I grew up in Winchester and although I left the city in the 1980s, my Twin Flame chose to call me 'The Winchester Lad', while amazingly, spontaneously, my Triple Flame has begun calling me 'Mr Winchester'. My Triple Flame wears hats just like the ones my Twin Flame likes to wear. She is the same height. Both of their childhoods are similar, in respect of events that shaped their lives. Both have remarkably quick minds, and witty senses of humour. Both are very spiritual and philosophical in their approach to life. My Twin Flame is an artist, who makes delicate reproduction dandelions out of porcelain, whilst my Triple Flame has an especially beautiful tattoo of a dandelion. My Twin Flame liked to call herself 'Missy', while my Triple Flame told me recently (with no knowledge of my Twin Flame's self-applied nickname) that the translation of her own unusual name into English means 'Miss'. My Twin Flame liked to refer to herself sometimes as a 'Wild Woman' and... you've guessed it, my Triple Flame referred to herself as a Wild Woman too. (In other uncanny ways my Twin Flame and my Triple Flame are the EXACT opposite of each other, though.)

More name evidence was presented to me. For example, when researching Twin Flames, Triple Flames and Split incarnations, in one of the articles I was reading on the Internet amazingly I saw an advert for a Twin Flame pendant, which included a couple of testimonials from customers. The testimonials even gave the first names of both of the reviewers, along with the initial of the surname of the first reviewer (the second review only contained the first name 'Paula'). The leading reviewer of the two reviewers shared my twin's first name and her surname initial (for all I know she shared the same surname), it was as if my twin had purchased the pendant and left a review. (Soon afterwards the same sort of thing occured when I was researching another Twin Flame article, on a different website, but this time it was my Triple Flame's uncommon first name that was presented - what's more, Spirit psychically told me that I was about to receive a remarkable sign just beforehand.)

Later in the day, out of interest to see what, if any, synchronicity might be provided I typed into Google 'triplet flames rays' and then looked to see what images were displayed in the search results (not something I usually do, by the way). Bear in mind I never entered any names to the search criteria whatsoever. Nevertheless one of the few images displayed contained my twin's surname (which is perhaps not too surprising since it's one of the most common English surnames), however, just below her surname was an image showing my Triple Flame's surname - which is pretty rare! I was amazed. Stunned. Both of my soul companions names appeared in the few results displayed. It seemed to me that, yet again, Spirit was underscoring the fact that both of these women are split incarnations of my soul, and I of theirs. The evidence was so precise. Spirit had named them both, again. Remember, I hadn't knowingly searched for their names, I was just interested to see what, if anything, might turn up by way of synchronicity, using the terms 'triplet flames rays'. I intuit that Spirit probably planted the thought in my mind to do this search, in order for me to receive this remarkable confirmatory evidence. (And as I finished writing this paragraph, Radio 2's Pop Master quiz is playing in the background and the presenter Ken Bruce has just highlighted a song titled 'I Love You More' (see a paragraph above, for context, where I highlight how both of my soul companions say this to me) followed by him mentioning the Corrs, my twin's favourite pop group, which is quite a 'niche' band, not one of the most common groups likely to crop up in a conversation. [Later, as I proof-read this article, whilst simultaneously listening to Radio 4, as I read the words 'I love you more', the speaker on Radio 4 spoke my Twin Flame's first name, at the exact moment I read that phrase.])

It isn't a one-sided synchronistic telepathic connection between me and my Triple Flame either. On three specific occasions in recent days I too have been led to use unusual terms that others have used to describe her in the past, in one case relating to an ex-boyfriend's pet name for her, in another a tutor's cheeky term for her at a French language school, and also a work colleague's complimentary description of her used in his farewell open letter to her and his other colleagues, when he left the company. One Sunday morning at about 8.30AM I was awoken by a woman's voice psychically saying 'Pleeease!' to me. Moments later my phone rang. It was my Triple Flame calling me from her country at about 3.30AM in the morning her time. I said, 'I think I just heard your voice before you called'. She asked 'What did you hear me say?'. I said 'Pleeease!'.  She said in return 'I did just say please'. I said, feeling amazed 'Wow! You did?! Wooow!'. She said 'Yes, I said 'Please answer the phone', just before I called'. Her psychic 'call' awoke me, moments before her telephone call.

On another morning I was awoken in the early hours by a spirit's voice saying 'Everything will work out' to me. I never mentioned this to anyone. A few days later my Triple Flame told me that she'd been woken by a spirit's voice saying 'EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT' to her!

Last year I visited the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, due to a message I received from Spirit to do so and to begin training on a National Federation of Spiritual Healers training course (the NFSH was founded by Harry Edwards). Spirit indicated I must work as a healer in this manner, rather than with the Reiki I trained in many years ago. Whilst at the sanctuary I collected a copy of The Healer magazine, which I kept, placing it between the pages of a notepad I use. This week, one day, as I picked up my notepad my copy of The Healer magazine fell out, onto the floor. That morning, soon afterwards my Triple Flame messaged me through Facebook, with the greeting 'Good morning, Healer'. On any other day the message would not have had the kind of depth it carried, as it did so soon after the incident with the magazine. Again, I told my Triple Flame about the uncanny timing of her greeting. (Here's a copy of a photo of the magazine I took to send to her at the time.) It was as if at some level of perception she had knowledge of my recent experience (just like she did the Harry Connick Jr song incident that occurred days before).

My Twin Flame once sent me a verse called The Chaos Of Stars, which reads: ‘…And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes and in a hundred worlds in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you’. My Triple Flame also sent me this same verse just the other day. (The first screen shot is the one my Twin Flame sent me, the second is the one my Triple Flame sent me.)

These are just a few examples of many demonstrating our telepathic synchronistic connection. It is quite stunning. These occurrences happen constantly, practically everyday. I have only ever encountered anything like this once in my life before, with my twin. The parallel is uncanny.

I have told my Triple Flame all about my twin, though I haven’t used the terms Twin Flame, Triple Flame, split soul, split incarnation, etc, in any conversation we’ve had. Naturally she’s asked me if I’ve ever experienced such a remarkable, deep connection with anyone else and I have been open with her, saying yes, with one other (my twin). I added that I’d lost hope that I would ever find such love again.

I’ve decided to let my Triple Flame either discover, or be led to, the concept of split incarnations herself (she might even be led to discover this article, independently), or perhaps I’ll wait until we meet soon, in person, so that I can share my perceptions face to face with her. I’m leaving the situation in Spirit’s hands. It is all so astounding. After having my faith all but destroyed, as I struggled to understand and come to terms with my twin’s behaviour, I now see a possible reason for it all. Indeed, I said to my Triple Flame yesterday that perhaps, at a soul level, I could conclude that my twin did what she did out of unconditional love for both of us, allowing both of us to meet. I’d never have left or betrayed my twin, so the only way for me and my Triple Flame to meet was for her to ‘step aside’, so to speak. Whatever’s going on, by any standard, it is remarkable. It’s very familiar to me though, because I’ve lived through this sort of experience, just once before. All of the dynamics associated with genuine Twin Flames are here: unplanned unexpected (online) meeting, stunning synchronicities, incredible telepathy, a head over heels connection with each other, whereby we ‘can’t get enough of each other’, merging energetically together…and regular absolutely astounding evidence from Spirit, presented to me, highlighting triple flames (like the above image), triple interlocking rings (the Sufi symbol for Twin Souls is a double interlocking ring), etc. [As I proof-read this paragraph, the speaker on Radio 4 mentioned The Aurora Orchestra - my Spirit Guide is called Aurora.] This timely image even appeared in my social media feed yesterday, as I was researching Twin Flames and split soul theory! It was as if Spirit was saying, in effect, "Yup! It's all true. You can't deny the evidence".

I’ve researched the phenomenon of Triple Flames on the Internet and as I stated above, not many in the Twin Flame community have addressed this issue, you have to look beyond the ‘Triple Flame’ description, searching for ‘split souls', ‘essence twins’, ‘split incarnations’, ‘parallel lives’ and so on to explore the evidence. When you do though you’ll discover that there is very good information available to indicate that, though exceptionally rare, far rarer it seems than Twin Flames, which are rare in their own right (most people who think they’re twins probably aren’t, they are more likely soul mates or karmic partners, or simply infatuated), nevertheless they do exist. It appears that very ‘old souls’ will occasionally incarnate in multiple forms, for the purpose of gaining lots of spiritual experience and in order to, it seems, fulfil some kind of mission, to help bring a higher wave of energy into the world, than the dominant, often negative, energy that exists. The renowned professor Ian Stevenson did research on split souls, so the calibre of the evidence is good. 

Where do I find myself now in my life? Well, I will always have unconditional love for my Twin Flame, wanting the best for her in life, yet I am, nevertheless, committed to my relationship with my Triple Flame. She is a part of my soul and I love her intrinsic essence, which includes our special psychic connection and I shall therefore be fair to her and to her full undiluted commitment to me, with matching reliability. I hope of course, that this relationship can be free of a 'Runner And Chaser' phase, as I never want to have to go through anything like that again. I have no idea where Spirit is leading. I have totally surrendered to the process, perceiving a miraculous ‘hand’ guiding events in my life, in ways I could never have imagined possible, even just weeks ago. Other psychics have stated that my twin and I were, Spirit said, 'meant to be together' and they have backed this message up with highly accurate details about my twin, her actions and the behaviours of other people around her. Although it seems the spiritual 'plan' for us was togetherness in this life, she has nevertheless, at the '3D level', taken a different route.  Some writers have commented that often a Twin Flame will appear in a person's life after they've experienced a Dark Night of the Soul, to help heal them.  In my case it was my twin's actions that plunged me into a long and painful Dark Night of the Soul as I struggled with the effects of Soul Shock, after which my Triple Flame appeared, with healing. The spectacular arrival of my Triple Flame has changed things in a way I couldn’t have perceived before. I was genuinely afraid that I was doomed to spend the rest of my life in heartbreak over the loss of my twin (the psychic/soul connection we shared was deeply loving and very intense). Now, all of a sudden, I find I can wish her well, hoping that she’s happy, believing that one day, all three aspects of our soul will unite on the Otherside, where we’ll understand why things unfolded as they did in this life. I understand that there are not simple answers to this phenomenon. Some writers on the subject of split souls indicate that not all soul splits meet in a given life, they might live lives in parallel on earth without actually getting together. I wonder if my Triple Flame, who currently lives on the other side of the world, sensed my pain as I struggled with the PTSD effects of Soul Shock and diverted from an otherwise chosen life course, in order to be with me here in England, much like reports indicate some Twin Flames do to help their partners? Who knows!? (Whatever is unfolding, I hope that my presence in her life will enhance her spiritual journey with at least equal benefit too.) Maybe the three of us will never know the answer to this conundrum on this side of life.

Miracles happen. They truly do. Life is more remarkable than I ever imagined. Triple Flames, though rare, exist and when I least expected it, when I’d ‘all but given up hope’ I was miraculously led out of the darkness by Spirit, to my Triple Flame. What's particularly inspiring is that along with remarkable evidence about our Triple Flame identity, signs with the word Ascension have figured quite unusually too. We are 'on the right track', it seems. I hope so. Interestingly, my Triple Flame told me that she had made a similar prayer to Spirit asking to be led to true love at the same time as me (the end of December 2017).  So it was not just my prayer, but both of our prayers that were answered by Spirit, within days. 




Postscript: Many of the gifted people I provide readings to include women and men who are psychic in their own right. In early March 2018 a woman I've provided several readings to in the past, who is herself very psychic arranged a reading with me. Towards the end of the reading she explained that she had sensed in DECEMBER 2017 great spiritual/emotional pain in me due to the loss of my twin, but had felt restrained over contacting me about her psychic perceptions at that time. (The intense pain of Soul Shock that's experienced when a person's soul counterpart abandons them is amongst the worst forms of suffering, so it's not surprising that she sensed this.) The feeling of psychic pain stayed with her for several days. At this point (March 2018) she finally felt ready to contact me, as if the time was right to do so, both for a reading for herself, but also to convey this important spiritual message to me. (Receiving this message from Spirit, via this woman, about what seems to be the conclusion of my period of Soul Shock was a further external validation to me of what was going on in my life at the time.) Along with sensing this message though she said remarkably was a sign that was repeatedly being presented to her too, which took the form of three lights! Unbeknown to her she had independently given me yet another Triple Flame message from Spirit. This was very uplifting. It was a further indication, from an external source, of the Triune nature of this amazing turn of events, regarding my Triple Flame identity.

There are so many other stunning confirmatory references that continue to manifest in my life on a regular basis. Hopefully, Twin Flames, Triple Flames and others experiencing multiple split-soul incarnations who read about my own account will draw strength, comfort and insight into how such incarnations can unfold as they too make their own ways forward in the journey of ascension.

Postscript 2: 10th March 2018. When speaking to a very gifted psychic today, independently, without me mentioning Triple Flames to her, she said something to me like: 'Spirit is saying something about you being a Triple Flame...' after which she gave me some very helpful (private) information about my Twin Flame and my Triple Flame, with instructions from Spirit regarding attuning to the highest vibrational energy source ...and the process of Ascension. (This psychic also told me that she knows of one other Triple Flame, living in the USA, who is also active in the Twin Flame Community. This Triple Flame is a woman and her two male counterparts have amazing parallels between them, just as my Twin and Triplet do, as described above.)


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Here are some useful websites containing information on various theories regarding split soul incarnations. The quality of the information varies and opinions differ here and there, but the consensus seems to be that sometimes, some souls will incarnate as twin flames... or occasionally even as multiple split incarnations, such as triple flames, as seems to be the case in my situation.


















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